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Today’s delivery company must be agile and able to handle all the varied requirements that shippers request.  X Dispatch is an extremely flexible and powerful product, but without proper training you are not able to harness the power and meet your customers evolving demands.


Leverage the full capabilities of the X Dispatch product suite in your operations.  With multiple new releases each year and hundreds of new features, it is easy to fall behind.  With time and attrition it is inevitable that your in-house knowledge of the software diminishes and it is time to consult our training specialists to get you back on track utilizing all that X Dispatch has to offer.

Combined 50 + Years Delivery Experience

Over 80 Online Training Topics

Prime Focus is Education & Training


X Dispatch Basic Training

The Topics in this Basic Training Course cover X Dispatch On Demand functionality, Invoicing, and Reporting.

X Dispatch Intermediate Training

The Topics in this Intermediate Training Course cover X Route functionality, Route Optimization, and X Tracking.

X Dispatch Advanced Training

The Topics in this Advanced Training Course cover Nextstop Mobile, New Product features, and Integrations.

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