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We're lifelong learners ourselves, and have a passion for helping others (primarily, our awesome customers).

Through virtual learning, we can share our excitement and knowledge, divulge a few tips and tricks, and most importantly, help customers leverage the software.

This virtual learning library was born from direct customer suggestions and ideas, to incorporate interactive training videos and help users get to know the software better. We have dedicated a lot time (and tapped some great resources) to design, create, and deliver the extensive course materials included here.

We hope you enjoy!

Meet Our Team

Dedicated professionals, driven by finding solutions for customers.

Chad Huffman

Director of Services

Industry veteran, experienced manager, amateur guitar player, and father of 8.

Steven Spurlock

Senior Implementation Specialist

Product expert, strong tech background, and enjoys finding customized solutions.

Dan Airhart

Implementation Specialist

Logistics and tech support experience, New England born and raised, proud dog dad.

Hansy Martelly

Implementation Specialist

Enjoys outdoor activities and cooking. Grandfather of 2.

Sean Egan

Implementation Specialist

CA native, living in FL. Enjoys painting, the beach, and is obsessed with cats.

Michelle Cabaya

Documentation Specialist

Documentation guru, website development, team support, and loving mom of 5.

Melissa D'Angelo

VP Special Projects

Versatile contributor, subject matter expert, lifelong learner, and novice wood-worker.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Very detailed and excellent content. Easy for the pupil to follow and understand.
montgomery, alabama, governor's mansion
based courier company
Great explanations. Like the tutorials. Like a hands on experience.
dayton ohio, downtown dayton, dayton
based courier company
CXT helped us understand more easily the software. Very engaging video content.
beach, ocean, outdoors
based courier company
CXT makes the process simple and user friendly it is not at all intimidating.
map, car, toy
based courier company


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