Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is CXT University (CXTU)?

A - CXTU is a comprehensive training program for CXT Software customers to learn and review all content in the X Dispatch product suite.  CXTU is intended as an essential part of your new and continuing training processes.  The curriculum covers the X Dispatch Suite, including X Route, Rapidship, Nextstop Mobile, workflows, integrations, and even driver mobile training, to keep our customers as informed as possible and using X Dispatch to its full potential.


Q - Why should I sign up for CXTU?

A - Every company using X Dispatch should sign up for CXTU.

  • CXTU standardizes the information that every employee in your company learns about your most valuable tool, X Dispatch, giving them a baseline of knowledge that you can quickly build upon.
  • New employees joining your company learn the latest and greatest features of X Dispatch.
  • Tenured employees refresh knowledge and learn to incorporate new features into established processes.
  • CXTU spreads the knowledge of X Dispatch throughout your company rather than relying on one, or a handful of employees, who understand the system.
  • CXTU creates an easy way for you to quickly get new employees up to speed without leveraging the time of your most valuable employees who likely have other responsibilities that consume their time.
  • CXTU ensures you are up to date with the new features that can help your business grow.
  • CXTU ensures you get the most value out of your X Dispatch investment.


Q - Who is CXTU geared to assist?

A - CXTU is geared toward all employee knowledge-levels, new employees, tenured employees, and drivers.  Below is a breakdown of the three main tracks and content levels offered.

  1. Basic: This track covers the following topics: X Dispatch Customer records, Drivers, Orders, Rates, Invoices, and Settlements.
  2. Intermediate: This track includes content for X Route, Route Optimization, Rapidship, and X Tracking.
  3. Advanced: This track covers, but is not limited to, content such as Integration overviews, new product and feature reviews, Nextstop Mobile, and troubleshooting tips.

Additional tracks are also available.

  • Express: The modules in this Express Training course cover quick and brief overviews of main X Dispatch records.
  • Shorts: This track covers brief, singular topics with specific functionality, such as location scanning, holidays / holiday posting schedules, and Required Driver Input (RDI).
  • How-To: This track covers scenario based how-to modules, such as Order and Route rate troubleshooting and understanding addresses


Q - How is this CXTU subscription different than the free monthly CXTU webinars?

A - This CXTU enrollment program offers full access to all of the CXTU training sessions, materials, Q&A sessions, etc.  Additionally, the full CXTU includes follow-up exams for each training topic to increase participant knowledge retention.

The free monthly webinars are still available, but do not cover the wide array of topics and detail we can facilitate as part of this CXTU subscription program.


Q - Is there a limit to the number of users I can sign up, for my company?

A - No!  Once the company registration is processed successfully, any user within that organization can sign up under the company ID.  Additional users do not increase your cost for the year.


Q - What does it cost?  Is this an annual contract?

A - You can email [email protected], create a Support Ticket into the CXTU queue, or click the "Contact Us" link at the top of the website at any time to inquire about your cost.  Although CXTU subscription terms are annual, the fees are billed monthly on your CXT Software invoice.


Q - If my company is registered with CXTU, can anyone from the company participate?  If so, how?

A - Absolutely!  Any employee can sign up for CXTU (after the organization is registered and paid), via the CXTU website registration page.


Q - Is the training pre-planned, or can I request individualized training?

A - All CXTU training session content is pre-planned and organized into tracks to meet various educational needs: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced are the main tracks (and cover the full breadth of the X Dispatch product suite.  The Express, Shorts, and How-To tracks are more specialized.

We are constantly updating our content to reflect application changes and new features - and welcome all feedback and suggestions.  As always, individualized training is available outside of the CXTU program.  For assistance in coordinating individualized training, please contact our Technical Support department via the CXT Software website or by phone at 602-265-0195 and selecting option 3.


Q - Will I have access to a recording or video, if I miss a live training session?

A - Yes!  All training sessions are available as recorded sessions on the CXTU website for CXTU registered organizations.  As videos are updated, the most recent videos will replace any "older" recordings.


Q - How can I get a question answered?

A - Learning new information about the functionality of our X Dispatch product suite is bound to create some questions.  Listed below are the best ways to get your questions answered.

Open Q&A: Facilitators hold six open Q&A sessions, available to any and all CXTU subscribers each week, to discuss questions that arise from the CXTU content coverage.

Chat: Look for the chat icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen () and send us a message!

Technical Support Tickets: Please enter any questions not related to CXTU content as general Technical Support Tickets via the CXT Software website.

CXTU Email: We welcome any questions, feedback, and suggestions via the [email protected] email address, regarding the CXTU program.


Q - Is all training virtual?

A - Yes, all CXTU training sessions are available virtually through the CXTU website, for your convenience.  We continue to offer live training sessions for mobile device scanning (called Interactive Scanning) to both CXTU subscribers and drivers.  Please see the training calendar for scheduled dates and times.


Q - How many videos / training session are available?

A - The CXTU program offers 70+ training sessions and videos.  The available recorded sessions are supplemented by numerous open Q&A sessions each week.  In addition, we understand the evolving and changing needs of X Dispatch users and seek to address those needs as the program continues to develop.


Q - Is driver training offered?

A - CXTU provides a mobile training created for and available to drivers directly.  We will offer this session on a request-only basis (no pre-scheduled sessions available at this time), for a duration of 2 hours.  If your driver misses this session, we can provide a recorded session that you can view via the CXTU website.  This session is not geared toward helping drivers download and log into the devices, but to navigate the application and perform scanning activities.  We will allow for some Q&A during and after the training, but recommend that each organization asks a representative to attend to assist in any follow up.